Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm always looking for new, low effort ways to have fun. One of my newest finds is something I can do every time I drive to or from work. As I pass the Olde Un Adult Bookstore (and Theatre), I've begun to tap my horn and wave cordially at the good folks entering the establishment. I have no problem with consenting people enjoying adult books, movies or toys- in fact I think it's a great idea. It's just lots of fun honking and waving as I pass- seeing the faces of the people as they think, "Oh my god, was that Mom's bridge partner?" BTW- If you are going to take up this past time, I recommend donning dark glasses before you honk. Adds to the mystique.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ain't no thang...

A patron just handed me a sheet of paper telling me "Sin is a problem looking for a solution" followed closely by "I c that your problem is that you are overweight" followed by lots of unsolicited advice as to how to rectify my sin.

It weirded me out, pissed me off and made me want to get someone to replace me at my post so I wouldn't have to deal with him anymore this hour. Then I remembered something I heard/saw yesterday. This is my first attempt to embed a video, so I hope it works. Gabrielle set me straight.


I did it. I think. I hope. I'm sure Brandy will let me know if I'm wrong, but I do believe I FINISHED MY NET TREK TRAINING!! Thank you Baby Jesus in your golden diaper!


I'm so crabby, crabby, crabby! I absolutely see the advantages of the the new catalog overlay, but it's like exercise for health- I know it's good, but I just don't have the energy.

So far, here are some great things I see:
*Search results seem more intuitive.
*I see all forms of a title up front (hardback, paperback, large print, etc.)
*It's pretty!
*I get great info from other users- especially those who seem to have tastes similar to mine.

*It seems to take too many "clicks" to find out if the item should be on the shelf in my location.
*Where are the summaries? Info seems incomplete. I realize it's a work in progress.

I'll come around. I can certainly give it a very positive spin when introducing patrons to it. I'm just crabby.

Now, get out of my yard.

Westley, what about R.O.U.S.'s?

Not Rodents of Unusual Size, Buttercup, RSS's! (Does that really stand for Really Simple Syndication, Westley? That's weirder than R.O.U.S.'s.)

In beginning this NetTrek assignment, I thought I'd find 3 feeds that I liked. I easily found one: The Unquiet Librarian. Then I thought to myself, I thought, "I could use these to help me like things better that I don't like now." "Hmmm", I thought.

So I browsed and I searched and decided to subscribe to "Librarian by Day", in hopes of becoming a geekier librarian, more familiar with library media and the Library Journal's "Audio Reviews". My hope is to (eventually) not feel like Bambi caught in headlights when a patron says, "Can you recommend an audiobook?"

Web 2.0- Facebook is 2nd?

No way! I love Facebook! Twitter was ranked #1 for social way! Tweets from Twitter are so inane! Facebook has much more substance. Okay, maybe not, but I use Facebook and not Twitter. Twitter seems stupid. I don't care what you are having for lunch.
Facebook, is the place for me. I don't care what my teen says. Parents can go there, too! For someone "lacking in the social graces", or a homebody like myself, it's a non-threatening way to stay in touch with friends near and far. And it has all those cool photos! Granted, my daughter may not want me to know when she changes her "relationship status"... but if it's public to everyone else, why not me?
On the other hand, I noticed my dad joined Facebook the other day. Now that's just weird.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Google Docs Rocks!

I love, love, love Google Docs. I use it for stuff from work I want access to at home, for home tasks like shopping lists and budgets, and best of all, as the database for my volunteer job- taking reservations for Columbia Entertainment Company. I can access my docs from any computer I have access to. Others can view what's going on- the show Directors and Board of CEC love knowing how reservations are going without having to ask me.
Try Google docs for your little stuff. It'll grow on you.